« The Jetlagger is a negativity-free zone where women can live their love for fashion, expand their culture and develop their intellect in a fun way. »


The Jetlagger philosophy : 

The Jetlagger was created in January 2018 to experiment all the fun stuff women care about. I wanted to share all the crazy ideas that are popping in a women’s head and make experiences. The Jetlagger talks in a casual way about subjects from fashion to pop culture without ever – EVER – taking anything too seriously. And always with a dose of humor. I want to write articles that I would love to read, and build a community around mind-openness and positivity. Let’s have some fun, dammit ! 


About Marie : 

I am a weirdo (and proud to be) named Marie. I am 21 and was born and raised in Paris, where I currently live. After an eclectic (chaotic in my genitor’s opinion) school path, I eventually found my way in a fashion school, where I study fashion business. My friends describe me as the crazy one. Well, they aren’t wrong. I just seek fun and enjoyment in every single moment in my life. I am actually quite proud to never have lost my inner child ! I am quite stubborn. If you believe in astrology, you might recognize the taurus in me. I always loved fashion. I see it as a way to express myself and, of course, have fun. I consider this blog as my baby. I genuinely love writing, making experiences, digging good ideas to entertain people and make them smile. 


I am so glad you ended here. I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I like writing it. Please let me know what you think !