4 TV shows to reveal your inner #Girlboss

Tv shows give me a meaningful source of inspiration when I lack some. As you probably know, I aspire of being a #girlboss. And if you want to become one yourself to kick some ass, you should definitely watch (or re-watch) this four TV shows.


1. The Bold Type

The pitch : Three girls working for the famous fashion magazine Scarlett (or should I say Cosmopolitan as the show is based on the life of the former editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles) and conquering New York City while experiencing the life of any girl in her mid 20s.

Why they are #girlbosses : Jane, Kat and Sutton are hustling to achieve their goals. They are true feminists, on their journey to get to know who they truly are, personally as professionally.


2. Sex and the City


The pitch : You know the pitch. New York City, four stylish girls, a lot of shoes and cosmopolitans.

Why they are #girlbosses : Carrie is a famous sex columnist, willing to do every experience in her personal life to create good articles. Charlotte is passionate about art and runs a gallery in the City. Samantha has her own PR business and Miranda is an overworked lawyer. The four of them pursue their dreams and don’t let any man telling them what to do. Shoutout to Samantha, my personal favorite !



3. Younger



The pitch : Liza, in her 40s can’t find a job in the publishing industry because she is “too old”. She decides to pretend she is 26 and get a job as an assistant in a publishing firm, to start over in her career.

Why they are #girlbosses : Liza is willing to do everything it takes, including lying, to get the job of her dreams. Kelsey, her coworker, runs her own imprint, and is a real shark in a man’s world.



4. #Girlboss


You really thought I forgot this one ?

The pitch : Based on the success story of Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, the show depicts the early life of the company, from where it all started to the launch of the website.

Why is she a #girlboss : Because Sophia told us herself, in her eponymous autobiography ! No, seriously, watch this lazy thief ass transform into a grown businesswoman. It’s thrilling.





  1. 29 March 2018 / 16 h 49 min

    I’ve watched Sex and the City a million times.
    Love their friendship.

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