A guide to buying your first luxury handbag

      As you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA the last two weeks. I was supposed to move to New York for 6 months in July and I spent the last days planning every single details. Everything was ready, I would have worked on the blog in the morning and visited the City on the afternoon, with some getaway trips on the East Coast in between. There was just a tiny step left : my appointment at the American embassy on Friday. Unfortunately, the immigration decided that I couldn’t have my Visa. « I am not convinced », the guy said. My world fell apart for a couple of seconds.

    I saved for months for this trip. Seeing things on the bright side, I had a significant amount of money in the bank. I saw it as an opportunity to cheer me up a little bit and invest in a piece that I wanted for so long : my ideal luxury bag. Here are a few steps to buy your first ever luxury handbag.



1. Define your ideal luxury bag according to your needs 

If it’s your first big purchase, you want to make sure you will use it as much as possible. I mean, you’re going to spend a big amount of money, better make it worth right ? In my opinion, you should opt for a model you can wear daily. Identify your needs. What color could go well with most of your outfits ? What do you need to carry ? And what is your budget ? Sorry, but YES, you need to define one. Please be kind to your bank account.

I already have had my dream bag in mind for a long time. I chose a Balenciaga City, medium size, in black. I wanted a bag that I could wear everyday, that I could wear cross-body, that wasn’t too small but big enough so I can carry all my mess around, and BLACK. I have a crazy addiction with black. Please don’t send me to rehab. It was also in my budget. As much as I was craving a Chanel bag, there is no way I would spend €5,000 for a bag. At least, not now.


2. Pay attention to details 

Can you zip the bag ? Because, believe me, you don’t want anyone to put his sneaky hand in your precious while you’re not paying attention. Are there pockets inside it ? Your bag is a mess, but an organized one. What is the fabric ? Come on, you’re probably going to spend a fortune. You want this one to last a lifetime, and maybe pass it on to your kid. Go for a resistant leather, or an as resistant alternative if you’re vegan (polyurethane rules !).

I started working when I was 16. I remember how I spent my first salary. I carefully saved it and waited for Christmas so I can hurry to the closest Louis Vuitton store to buy myself a Speedy. Typical beginner mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Speedy. But there was no pocket inside so it was always a huge mess and I spent my whole salary on a coated-cotton bag (Speedy are not made of leather as you can think. It’s a fabric made of cotton and PVC) which tattered over the time. When I went to Louis Vuitton to fix it up, naive as I am, they told me there was nothing they could do. May it rest in peace in the handbag heaven.


3. Try it on, again and again

Luxury shopping, if you’re not a millionnaire, should never be compulsive shopping. Dream your bag. Go to the shop and try it on, again and again. Feel the joy in you guts when having it to your arm. If you’re feeling the slightest hesitation, don’t take it. You have to be sure about your purchase. If you feeling hesitant, big are the chances that you never wear it or worst, regret buying it. Give yourself some time to think about it.


4. Save for it

You can dream your bag, and try it on when not having the money. Once you payed all you have to pay for the month, saved a money on an emergency savings account (you know, the account you keep for the « oh shit » situations, like when your washing machine goes out of order), put some money in a safe place for the « oh yeah » situations like… buying your bag ! To be honest, the feeling is even better when you know you saved for it and dreamt about it for some time.


5. Treat yourself ! 

You deserve it.





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  1. 15 March 2018 / 18 h 11 min

    Nothing feels better than buying a new arm candy!
    This bag looks amazing with your trench coat!
    I’ve always wanted a red mini Balenciaga city
    (I have a thing for mini bags)

  2. 16 March 2018 / 0 h 09 min

    Love this ! So sorry for you about your NY trip.. but I guess we will see each other more often haha ! xx

    • 17 March 2018 / 19 h 45 min

      Yes ! And it actually makes me super happy !

  3. 1 April 2018 / 6 h 25 min

    Such a beautiful handbag and a good investment piece! Sorry to hear about your trip but you will get there xx

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