How to attend fashion week shows ?


     If you think that Fashion Week shows are reserved to fashion queens, and you are persona non grata there, I have to tell you that you are wrong. Fashion shows are easily accessible when you have the right method to get an invitation. No need to dig out your most fashionable get-ups. A simple email will do the trick.


How to get the precious invite ? 

1. Two or three weeks before the show, make a list of the shows you want to go to. The less known the brands are, the more likely you are to be invited.

2. Find the press contact. You will find everything you need for Paris Fashion Week here. For other cities, Google is your friend (or other search engine, I don’t discriminate).

3. ASK (kindly). Journalists do it, why wouldn’t you ? The majority of fashion shows reserve some places for students and other fashion lovers. Send an email to the press service, introducing yourself and explaining why you would like to come to the show. 


Et voilà ! Now all you have to do is wait for the answer… If, however, it was negative and if patience and courage are your main assets, go anyway to the show venue. Find the “standing” sign and queue. Once all the invited guests are seated, you will have a chance to enter and see Anna Wintour’s immaculate bob. 



    • thejetlagger
      27 February 2018 / 7 h 42 min

      Don’t hesitate to ! xx

  1. 3 March 2018 / 15 h 58 min

    Some really good advice here! It’s not always easy when you’ve never done these things before. Xx

    • 3 March 2018 / 16 h 01 min

      I’m not trying to be a life mentor or anything (I’m only 21 lol) but if I learnt something, it’s that if you want something, sometimes you just have to ask for it. The worst than you can get is a “no”.
      Have a good weekend lovely xx

  2. 5 March 2018 / 4 h 00 min

    I never even thought to ask like at all, this is great advice! Especially for students, I think brands would want students to be in the audience sometimes!

    • 5 March 2018 / 12 h 21 min

      I’m glad you liked it love !
      Brands definitely want students in the audience, when I was a PR assistant in fashion brands, we always planned accreditations for students. Always !
      Have a lovely week,


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