The secret of Parisian style #nologo


There is a myth around the Parisienne. While I was trying to unscramble the codes that made the chic of my compatriots, I saw the light. No, we do not wear striped jerseys (at least not more than the rest of the world), and I have never seen any French wearing a red beret. The way we dress is minimalist, casual. And most importantly, we don’t wear any logo.


      If there is one thing I learned from the fashion education I received from my genitors (who also work in fashion), it’s that logos are vulgar. I might well look in my closet, go over my friends’ wardrobe with a fine-tooth comb, still no logo. But why ?


        You may know it, but in France, money is still relatively taboo. Ask any French what are the 3 topics that are very rude to talk about. They will answer you politics, religion and money. Unlike in the United States, it is very frowned upon to show its success, and even more so if it’s financial. We can feel it in our way to dress, the ostentatious having no place in it.


       But the French woman is clever. If she doesn’t like the outward signs of wealth, she is still a big consumer of luxury. She will buy pieces that only connoisseurs can recognize. She will prefer a Damier to a Monogram, a Sac de Jour to a Loulou bag. Only the Classic bag from Chanel is an exception. In French culture, refinement is measured by simplicity. Less is more like the roast beefs say.



À la française : 

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  1. 19 February 2018 / 21 h 08 min

    there’s something special about your blog ! love it and great post xx

    • thejetlagger
      19 February 2018 / 21 h 35 min

      Thank you sweetheart x

  2. 20 February 2018 / 21 h 47 min

    I love everything French! Love this post and the explanations!

    • thejetlagger
      20 February 2018 / 21 h 56 min

      Thank you love ! I love your blog it’s so aesthetic and I’ll definitely save some recipes and art advice.
      Have a wonderful week !

  3. 21 February 2018 / 16 h 26 min

    Awesome article! I had no idea money was a taboo subject in France. It should be more like that here!

    • thejetlagger
      21 February 2018 / 19 h 08 min

      Thank you so much ! Actually, I like the American way of thinking, no false pretenses.
      Have a great day Hannah !

  4. 26 February 2018 / 15 h 58 min

    French are so much like Dutch when it comes to fashion, it’s not really appreciated to brag – I love your style!

    • thejetlagger
      27 February 2018 / 7 h 42 min

      Exactly ! Thank you dear xx

  5. 4 March 2018 / 19 h 39 min

    Love the “don’t wear any logo” comment! Very on point

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